Dr.Kimo “Do It Yourslef Kit” self help Quit smoking Kit


Since a number of people for various reason have difficulty to attend our courses. That’s why we have created alternative solutions for those who:

  • Live far away from location of course.
  • Have time problems to follow up a course, due to travelling, a hectic job etc.
  • Or for those who wants to give a special gift to someone loved and dear!
  • Or for those who are motivated and have no need for follow up.

The Dr.Kimo “Do it Yourself” quit smoking kit, is the best alternative. and it’s up to the individual where and when they want to start the treatment.

The content and extent of the kit:

Røykeslutt - Dr Kimo Røykeslutt kurs pakke

The Dr. Kimo “self help quit smoking kit” is a 10 weeks treatment. Where one quit smoking after 3 days, followed by 17 treatments over 2 month period, to help the Ex-smoker in strengthen the result of quitting, and cleaning the nicotine completely from the body ,

The treatment contains high quality herbs with remarkable result, its effective in reducing the abstinence, relieving the different physiological and psychological reactions, balancing the mood, and cleaning the nicotine quick from the body after quitting smoking.

The Dr. Kimo kit is followed with comprehensive course program, a long with advice and guidance in accordance to the body various reactions, in the different phases after quitting, and how to deal with them effectively,

How the treatment work?

The Dr.Kimo “Do it Yourself” quit smoking kit contains 20 treatments covering 10 weeks program, and it is very important to follow up every treatment and not skip any. You can choose to combine the treatment with other methods if you feel so.

The follow up of the program and its time table is exceptionally required .

When you follow the Dr.Kimo “Do it Yourself” quit smoking kit program, you start the first week intensively with a one treatment every day. The third day is the the last smoking day, day 4 is the first smoke free day, no matter how many sigarettes you have smoked before.

The second and third week there are 3 treatments every week. After that there is a decline in number of treatments every week til the end. norwegian web sit www.DrKimo.no

Price for ” Dr Kimo Self help quit smoking kit “330 $ = Kr 1890,- inkl. mva –



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